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Re: [IP] Research Suggest Pure Oxygen Helps to Heal Damaged Retinas

Curtis, I've been through the hyperbaric chamber when the amputated my 
lower right leg.  they wanted to make sure it healed properly and quickly.


At 10:05 PM 3/3/01 -0800, you wrote:
 >Oops.  Now someone should have caught this.  Don't tell me you were just
 >letting me slide.
 >I should have said Hyperbaric not Hypobaric Oxygen.  I guess I am just too
 >used to typing hypo.
 >Anyway, it is real.  It wont make you blind unless your an infant and they
 >leave you in too long.  Don't really know what happens to infants but it hurt
 >a lot of them until they figured out why.  I believe that Drs. use O2 on
 >infants today with no problem.
 >I have had training to run a hyperbaric chamber to treat decompression
 >sickness in SCUBA divers and the amount of time that one can spend at high
 >pressure oxygen is limited.  Mostly pulmonary problems.  It scorches the
 >lungs.  There are a few other things that can go wrong too.  Moral... Don't
 >get the bends if you dive.  ooops wrong forum.
 >Anyway, I am surprised that it is not already in use to treat many diabetic
 >related issues.
 >Curtis Lomax
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