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[IP] infection at insertion site

I have a couple of questions.  Last Thursday I put in a new site (sofset)and used my lt upper outer thigh.  I've never used my legs before.  On Saturday it seemed a little sore so I took it out.  By Sunday evening I had what looked like a grapefruit under my skin. I started yesterday afternoon on Keflex but last night I couldn't even bear weight on that leg.  This morning it is down to baseball size but soooo very sore.  I am still limping.  How long before I will see an improvement?  Are thighs more apt to infection? 
My other question is this.  I have been eating less and excersing more since starting on the pump but still the weight gain contiues.  Please, does anyone have any advice on this.  It is really starting to upset me.  Is this real common?  I don't mind being slightly overweight and in good control but I certainly don't want to progress to fat.  It seems to be a vicious cycle...the more weight you gain the more insulin you need and the more weight you gain and on and on.  Thanks for any input.

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