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[IP] Diabetes Product Fair Last Night - Long

We went to our annual Diabetes product fair last night
and it was great.  Jessica walked away with a new
Ultra meter and a new Freestyle meter, both of which
she loves.  We tested all three this morning, when she
was low, and got 52 on the Elite we normally use, 51
on the Ultra and 58 on the Freestyle.  Pretty close
numbers!  The Disetronic Rep, John, gave her one of
the new cool purple cases for her pump and she loves
that too.  

Now for my only vent of the night.  The Minimed rep
was a jerk.  He spent all his time bashing Disetronic,
not selling Minimed.  When he saw Jessica had a D
pump, he broke off his conversation with a school
nurse to ask us some questions.  He asked what Dr. we
used, and when we told him, he proceeded to tell us
that our Dr. preferred Minimed products because they
were much more reliable.  I told him we chose D
because of the amount of time Jess spent in the water.
 He then proceeded to tell us that even though D says
it is waterproof, we should NEVER take it in the water
because they can short out and dump all 300 units of
insulin into the body at once.  She should always
disconnect first!  I told him we use the Rapids and
couldn't disconnect.  He told us there was no reason
we should be using something like that, and we should
switch to the new M sets coming out.  He made me feel
as if I needed to defend our choice of everything! 
That we were stupid for having chosen an inferior
brand of pump.  I finally just walked away.  The
school nurse sought me out a few minutes later and
asked me if he was telling the truth.  I had to tell
her no, and to go talk to the D rep.  She said she
already had, and he was so nice she couldn't
understand the M rep's attitude.  Throughout the
night, we spoke to many more people who doubted the
rep's scare tactics and wanted some first hand info. 
Was it safe to put the D pump in water or would it
really kill you? was the main question.  I couldn't
believe this.  If he was there to promote his product,
he did a horrible job of it!  This is NOT a bash
against Minimed, as I told the people who asked me
that ANY pump was better than NO pump.  I just don't
think it was ethical of this rep to use the nasty
scare tactics he was using to bash Disetronic.  It
just put a damper on the whole Fair.  And I noticed
that the reps from the meter companies were avoiding
him like the plague.  I guess they already knew him
and what a negative person he was.

I had originally intended to get brochures from both
reps for my school health fair, but in all good
conscience couldn't send any of my neighbors to this
man.  I did get literature from Disetronic and the
Freestyle meter though.  And the D rep is sending me
the book for kids and pumping to give away and
anything else I want.

But all in all it was a fantastic group of people. 
The D rep knows you by name, Michael.  And I saw many
Children with Diabetes website cards.  Maybe we need
to make up some Insulin Pumpers website cards.  I
handed a few cards out to parents, and had written the
IP website on the back of them, hope that is OK

Well take care all.  Jess is bringing the Ultra to
school today to show it off.  I love the 5 second

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, 9, dx'd @ 9 months, pumping, and Jarred, 10 and a great help!

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