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[IP] Relationship Discrimination?


I'm feeling so blue and I need to get this off my chest because it really
hurts and I really hurt too.  I am 32 (33 tomorrow) and I've been dating a guy
for a year.  3 months ago we were planning a wedding, but he got scared and
asked that we postpone it.  In the meantime, I had an ingrown toenail that got
rather badly infected.  I saw the endo last week and she said that while it is
still aggravated and healing slowly, it is not infected and she will see me
again to check it in two weeks unless I call before.  My A1c was a 6.1 at that
visit and I have started working out again (2 weeks now) and overall, I feel
good about my control.  My kidneys are showing signs of nephropathy but my
blood work is still in the normal range.
To the point - he broke up with me this weekend and in the process said that
he just couldn't manage the stress of my illness.  That my toe getting
infected had frightened him and he couldn't handle it.
I feel reasonably sure that my heart is broken but my self-esteem is also
shattered.  I know diabetes is a lot to take and if I could get up and walk
away from it I would.
I am really afraid there will never be anyone for me.
Has anyone else been through this?  I just need a little encouragement.
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