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[IP] Re: Male bovine fecal matter

>Now, the last I learned, 'Bulls' were male bovines, and 'cows' were female >bovines.

ok, the Iowan just can't resist and has to chime in on the cow
discussion (contrary to popular belief, we have cows and corn in this
state, we are NOT the potato state...) 

-"bulls" are mature males of several different species including bovines
-"heifers" are young female bovines who have not yet had a calf
-"cows" are mature females of several different species including
'round here most folks use the term "cow" to generically refer to
bovines of either gender, but if we are talking about a certain 8 letter
word, we are definitely referring to the male of the species  :-)
"Chips" on the other hand are gender neutral as either gender's work
well for the "chip tossing" contests. Its something you have to
experience to fully appreciate :-)

For all you Sesame Street fans: This message has been brought to you by
the letters b. and s., and by the number 2...
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