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[IP] Male bovine fecal matter debate

I would like to point out that even if one of our members was a feminist (as 
some of us may be) that does not warrant a nasty reply when she is trying to 
support another member who is being discriminated against...  Her 
terminology was not a put-down to men... and please try to realize that true 
feminsim is not about discrimination against men. It is about being aware of 
power differentials between men and women, along with other types of power 

Just as living with a chronic illness can lead to discrimination in some 
places, some situations, and with certain people, being of a certain 
cultural background, gender, or sexual orientation can also lead to 
discrimination, maltreatment or simply a lack of understanding. Lets try to 
be open to our biases, face them, and thus hopefully decrease their presence 
here. I want this to be a safe forum for us all. Even if we are (gasp) 

Michelle D.
Feminist-relational counsellor and diabetic x 2 yrs.

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