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[IP] Lets try this again

I read these posts daily, but I don't post often.  I sent this message
yesterday, but it never made it.  Sorry if it is a duplicate.

* * * * * * * * * **

I was wondering if anyone has a good company to use to buy strips and
supplies.  We have private insurance and can purchase our supplies anywhere
but I am looking for a company that will bill our insurance directly and not
rip us off.  We have been using the Diabetic Supply Foundation for about a
year.  Everytime I place an order with them, they charge us a fortune for a
box of strips.  Since I have to pay for 20%, I don't want to pay more than
what I would if I used a local pharmacy.  To boot, my last order was paid at
100% because Zack met his out of pocket, and I am getting billed for my
co-payment...UGH!!!!!   I hate getting ripped off from doctors and
suppliers...it makes me crazy... and people wonder why we have the insurance
problems that we do..

Also, as a side note, has anyone tried the fasttake ultra or the freestyle.
I'd love to find a monitor that is ACCURATE and does not require as much blood
as the Accucheck.  I do love the features that we have, but a quicker monitor
with less blood would be great as long as it was accurate.

Thanks in advance.
Mom to Zack (8) pumping since 11/00
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