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Re: [IP] Discrimination? YES! - male bovine fecal matter

Er, In the USA we have something called the Americans with Disabilities Act.
This does protect us from discrimmination.

I have a bra, thank you, in fact, I have a wardropbe of female clothing, and
only meant they were dealt some bull.  Now, the last I learned, 'Bulls' were
male bovines, and 'cows' were female bovines. Fecal matter is the waste
which comes from them.

Discrimmination is illegal in my country, and it isn't acceptable in any
country. age-ism or --SEX-ism, disability or racial, it is a pox on our very

If you uncomfortable with this, perhaps you may leave it alone. I was trying
to be polite in my terminology and meant nothing sexist by it.

Jenny Sutherland
----- Original Message -----
From: "Carl Findeiss" <email @ redacted>

> Jennifer;
> Just what makes you so sure that it was MALE bovine fecal matter!
> Go buy a BRA!!! to ASSume that it was MALE shows your true colors!!!
> And just for your information - it is NOT against the Law to discrimate
> if one
> has Diabetes. Not nice, but not against the law.
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