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[IP] Miss-Understood.

On the discrimmination thread a man wrote to me who misunderstood what I
meant by "Male Bovine Fecal matter".  That means Bull----. Female bovines
are 'cows'. not 'bulls'.

He told me to go buy a bra.
I was saying that the life care place was giving that woman a dose of B.S.
Not being a feminist.

I have been denied tenancy in apartment complexes due to the fact I am
visually impaired. I do know discrimmination as I've been on the receiving
end of it since I was born. OK???

I was also the one given up for adoption whilst my "perfect" sisters were
all KEPT; OK???

I was NOT saying that a man was responsable for their denial.

Good Grief!

Jenny Sutherland
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