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Re: [IP] Discrimination? YES! - male bovine fecal matter


I hope you are being sarcastic, if you are you can ignore this post, but if
you are not keep reading.

Keep your pants on.  She wasn't  being a feminist (spelling?) or anything
like that.  She was just translating a popular offcolor phrase into a family
friendly phrase.  I personally have never heard of cow**** only bull****.  

In the future, Don't flame people.  It is not nice, and it is against the
rules of this mailing list.


Carl Findeiss wrote:

  Just what makes you so sure that it was MALE bovine fecal matter!

  Go buy a BRA!!! to ASSume that it was MALE shows your true colors!!!

  And just for your information - it is NOT against the Law to discrimate
  if one
  has Diabetes. Not nice, but not against the law.
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