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[IP] Re: Static Electricity

Clear DayHi!
I am responding to the static electricity.  I do not lose memory at all =
with my 508,  I just have to re-set it but putting the dryer sheet =
inside my case works wonderfully.
I don't like to use the leather case because of having to wear it with =
the clip on my waist and I like the freedom of the clip and go case =
because it moves with me.
MM now wants you to take out the batteries for awhile, can't remember =
how long and take shots during the time you are off the pump.  I do not =
have any long acting insulin at home and was wondering if I should get a =
btl. just to be on the safe side.  Has anyone had to take off the pump =
due to static and use shots?
dx'd 3.85   =20
pumping 4.20.99

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