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I use the sofsets.
First I push the "drop" through and the tube is full.
Then I put the cartridge in the pump and prime 5 U. Drops appear
After insertion I prime .5 U more.

In a message dated 3/4/01 8:06:15 PM, email @ redacted writes:

when i do my first prime wiht the sils like when you push the insulin through 
the tubing before you put it in the pump, when i get the drops come out of 
the end and stop pushing the plunger thingie, it sucks air back into the 
tubing, like an inch.  so i push it back out and then the plunger comes back 
a little and air gets sucks into the tubing again!  almost like when you 
drink out of a straw and stop and the liquid gets pulled back down.......... 
it took over 15 units to do my first prime with the pump to get a drop!  then 
thank God i just happened to look, but i had about a two inch air bubble in 
the middle of my tubing!!!!!!
i called minimed and she said she has no idea why it would pull back air 
after pushing the insulin through before putting it in the pump......... has 
this ever happened to any of you??????? >>
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