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[IP] square/dual wave based on fat content

On 4 Mar 2001, at 11:23, email @ redacted wrote:

> anything over 10g fat i square for about a half hour if it's towards the 
> lower end of the fat scale and if it's more than say 20g, i dual half now and 
> the other half over an hour.....or sometimes a half hour..........works for 
> me somewhat.....LOL

I really like that idea. How did you come up with the 10g/20g?  Just 
took a stab at it and fiddled until it worked?

I have no intuitive grasp on all this, which is weird because I'm 
successfully intuitive about most everything else in my life 
(including my checkbook).  For some reason, with this diabetes 
stuff, I just can't do it right without a formula to follow.
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