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Re: [IP] No complications?

Dear Barbie,
 I too am 32 years without complications. I too have tried
to maintain tight control. Nevertheless, there is not a day that goes by
that I don't worry, if only for a moment, that the shoe is going to drop.
We've both been blessed. Let's hope we remain so. More importantly let's
hope that there's finally a cure so all our brothers and sisters suffering
from this horrid disease can throw away all their diabetic paraphenalia.


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Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2001 11:10 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] No complications?

> I have had diab. for 32 years. I have checked blood sugars for 22 years
> times daily. I work very hard and am NORMAL. I scuba dive, am working up
> a marathon and will attest to the fact that if you work hard-there will be
> no complications. Use common sense!! I am not saying days are easy but
> don't give up. Doctors even tell me that I am healthier than someone
> diab. I work very hard and success has come. Don't don't give up ever. NO
> complications after 32 years and will continue to try. Lookin'
> Good....Barbie
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> Subject: Re: [IP] No complications?
> > Munzil A. Qureshi wrote:
> > >
> > > I have a question though: Is it possible to live with
> > > Type 1 for one's entire life (till they pass away) without any
> > > complications if one takes care of themselves (ie: manage sugars,
> > > exercise, low-fat intake etc) or will everyone eventually have
> > > complications no matter what?
> >
> > No guarantees, one way or the other.
> >
> > For two reasons:
> >
> > First, there is no way that a Type 1 can maintain truly normal BGs at
> > all times with current technology -- except possibly Dr. Bernstein, but
> > he counts his peanuts!!!!!  As long as BGs are not CONSISTENTLY normal,
> > there is a potential for complications.
> >
> > Which brings me to the second reason:  some people are more prone to
> > complications than others for genetic reasons, but not much is known
> > about which genes predispose to what. So you cannot predict whether your
> > efforts will pay off or not.
> >
> > So you just have to do your best and then accept what comes --
> > technology IS improving, and our chances are probably better than those
> > of someone diagnosed 70 years ago, but this disease isn't conquered,
> > YET!!
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