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[IP] Care Standards

I think it woule be extremely hard to take on our legislators and the 
insurance companies simultaneously. First we should establish the care 
standards with the understanding that not everyone will be totally pleased 
with them then latch on to our elected officials which art in Washington, get 
them enacted (won't be easy) then tangle with the insurance companies who 
will, in my opinion be harder to deal with as they are not looking for votes. 
 Frequency of visits and Hba1c tests might be best left to the doctor, and if 
he wants one more or less often, depending on the severity of the diabetes to 
the individual, then it should definitely be performed. 
I go all over the spectrum with BGs yet still have good Hb's yet I know 
others whose BGs never exceed 200 and they have terrible Hb's, therefore, 
that individual should be tested more frequently than someone like myself.   
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