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[IP] yet another reason to like my pump

Yesterday, at the last minute, an employee called in sick.  So we 
had to rush around and get out to the customer building right away 
(time-restricted...we can only clean when they're there, company 

So on the way, we stopped at McDonald's cuz I hadn't eaten in 
awhile and knew I'd NEED food before the end of that stint.

I chose a carby meal.  Filet-o'fish, large fries.  Gave the Sprite to 
husband and took a couple of swigs at the end.

Ok, I calculated around 107 grams (or more from those two swigs, 
but I figured I'd work that off).  I bolused for it (activity ratio) AFTER I 
finished eating, cuz i didn't know if I'd eat all the fries.

By the time we got to the building, I was down to 69.  oops.  That's 
WAY too low to start cleaning with!  Janitorial work is fairly 
intensive.  And I had 3 solid hours of it ahead of me.  So I took all 
the glucose tablets I had with me.  (I'll remember to put an ENTIRE 
bottle of glucose tablets in the car from now on, not just a little 
tube that's half empty).

I ended up needing to eat 3 sugar packets before the shift was 
over.  And by the time we got back home I was up to 250.

I realized what my mistake was.....  I should have square waved 
that meal.  Then husband and one of the customer's employees 
wouldn't have to run around looking for a source of sugar for me!  It 
was embarrassing to be caught with my glucose down..  (har har)

Today I realized....  what do people on injections do??  Take 
Regular I guess.

But oh yeah.  It doesn't concern me anymore.  


I like that.

This makes up for those times when a site aches too much.

(now if only I could find a way to store an extra bottle of strips in 
the car with that extra bottle of glucose tablets without the 
upcoming summer heat destroying them)
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