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email @ redacted writes:

<< Tex,
 My grand-dad, mom, and aunt all have been diagnosed with Lupus. I have T1 
 diabetes and am hypothyroid. I watch my fam go through thier junk, and I am 
 thankful I just have diabetes. I am not on the pump yet, but fully intend to 
 be on one within a few months. I think my insurance co will approve it. I 
 hope you are doing well.
 Tish >>

My grandmother, my 2 aunts have Lupus, and now my mother is beginning to show 
signs of it too.  I get tested every year for it as well, there is some kind 
a rheumatoid factor going on. I am hyphoglycemic with the possibility of 
become diabetic and my 10 year old son is diabetic type 1. So right now who 
knows what I am going to develop.  Who would of thought at the age of 30 and 
at the tender age of 10.  I pray that nothing else that runs in our family is 
carried down to my chidren.
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