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RE: [IP] Interesting article relates to common RANT on IP

Ooops.  My bad then.  I just read the post (that I included in my initial
response), and from that one, I interpreted that that is what you were
implying.  In that case, I sincerely apologize.  Truth be told, I've been
skimming recently (too many posts that do not specifically apply my 5 year
old son with T1), and the first part of the thread might have been hidden in
one of the subjects I had no interest in.  Again, my bad.

In regard to the list you offered (and I have snipped!), I think most are
good, but that a few of the items might need to be a bit more stringent.
For example, I personally think that hbA1c's should be tested every 2 or 3
months, instead of 6.  Other than that, I am a big supporter for all of
those points.

Regards to all,


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<< Not for political candidates they don't.  Please do make sure you specify
 exactly what the JDRF lobbies for.  It's misinformation like this that
 causes problems, similar to when reporters confuse Type 1 and Type 2
 Diabetes.  >>

Sorry, Michael.  You may have missed the earlier part of the thread.  No one
was discussing lobbying for political candidates, merely for a uniform set
care standards for people with diabetes.  The idea was to create a list of
care practices to which all diabetics should be entitled (I know that's a
lousy sentence).  Here's what we've got so far:

1- Every diabetic should be encouraged to test their own blood sugar at

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