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[IP] Freestyle and bruising

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<< Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 10:50:10 EST
 From: email @ redacted
 Subject: Re: [IP] Freestyle and bruising
 Hey tell Lauren that when using the Freestyle on your arm you need to 'pump' 
 the area versus push down hard to try and get a drop of blood.  Actually 
 pusing down will stop the flow of the blood or atleast make it harder to get 
 a good drop.  Our rep told us that you do NOT want to have a ring on you 
 arm/leg from the lancet device when done.  Just gradual pushing should do 
 trick.  We had to learn this the hard way too!!
 mom to Joshua >>
Another suggestion I got was to use a warm wash cloth on the skin first.  
This women works with babies at the hospital and when they can't get blood 
for testing this is what they do.  With my daughter we just put the dial on a 
larger setting and it worked fine.

Good Luck!

Amanda's mom     dx at age 3 1/2  4-97     pumping 7-99
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