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Re: [IP] OUCH! when pulling out introducer needle (sofset)

On 3 Mar 2001, at 2:23, sue depinto wrote:

> wombn wrote: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:22:26 -0800
> >
> >A new development.....
> >
> >Lately, anywhere on the right side of my bellybutton, below beltline,
> >it's begun to hurt when pulling *out* the introducer needle (Micro
> >QR Sofset).
> This happened to me about a wk or so ago and my BS's were bad for the rest 
> of the day. When I finally called MiniMed about something else I mentioned 
> it and they said I had probably hit a muscle or scar tissue in pulling out 
> the needle and should have changed the set right away.

Well, I *am* rather thin, so I can believe the muscle bit.  Scar 
tissue?  I wonder how I could tell.  My BGs did fine though.  

Then again, I had a health issue last month (mostly resolved now) 
that seems to have dramatically increased my insulin sensitivity.  
I've had to cut my insulin in *half* all across the board.  

Seems that no matter where I put the site, nor how long I leave it 
in, nor how much it aches (when it's a poor choice of sites such as 
right under my underwear waist band), it's always just a little too 
much.  Redoing all my basal tests this week.
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