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Re: [IP] Pregnancy

In a message dated 3/2/01 11:57:06 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Doc knows I am staying in good spirits about this. We now have on 
> going joke while in the hospital was that I was cured of the 
> diabetes when I was totally off the pump with no insulin for about 

glad to see you are keeping a sense of humor!  that makes me smile  :O)
seems like your body is just rejecting the pregnancy..... kinda like a 
foreign substance it is unsure of is how someone once put it to a friend of 
mine.  but in another light, it is the miracle of the way the body functions 
that allows this to happen and the way i think of it is there is a reason for 
everything.... it's something your body knew it couldn't handle at the time 
or perhaps something was wrong and it was God's way of doing what's right for 
you and the baby!
i wish you the best of luck and health in your future attempts!!!!  i one day 
too would love to have a baby but am scared to death!  :O(
my prayers are with you  :O)

gina & POKEY (finally figured out a name :O)
-=-IDDM dx'd 11/83.... pumping since 2/01 and LOVING IT-=-
(O: feel better now than i've felt in 19 years :O)
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