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[IP] Passing Along 'WebMD: Diabetes In The News'

I got this in my mail and thought i would share if anyone is
interested......... it is from a mailing list called WebMD......I DID NOT
share :O)


WebMDHealth Condition Center Services Newsletter

~ H E L L O  &  W E L C O M E ~

The rise in the number of prepubescent and
pubescent teens who have been diagnosed with
type 2 diabetes has been steady news now for some
months. And here is something new to chew on:
a new study recently released shows that junk-
food TV ads makes a serious impression on
preschoolers. This age would seem to be the
one where instilling good eating habits makes
a lot of sense.

~ D I A B E T E S  ~

The week of Feb. 26, 2001

~ F R O M   O U R   S P O N S O R  ~

Want to learn more about managing your diabetes? Let Lilly
and WebMD help you take an active role in your diabetes

~ E D I T O R S'  P I C K S~

Even a Short Fast From Your Vices Helps
Within 20 minutes after your last smoke, your blood
pressure and blood rate return to normal. It only
gets better after that.

The Skinny on Obesity
Can't tell if you're truly overweight? This story
will help.

Soy and the Diabetic
Soy-based dietary supplements have been shown
to boost the effect of a low-fat diet in lowering
cholesterol in non-diabetics. A new study shows
that diabetics can benefit as well.

High-Fat Diet Could Affect Memory, Learning
Some Canadian researchers have found that high
quantities of fat, especially saturated fat,
impairs cognitive function in rats.

~ M E S S A G E  B O A R D S ~

As you may already know, WebMD acquired OnHealth
in September 2000. We've been working hard
to incorporate the best of OnHealth into WebMD.
On March 1, we will be adding some of the OnHealth
message boards to WebMD. We're sure you'll find these
boards, their members, and the experts that lead some
of them a great addition to the WebMD family. In order
to maintain these high standards of user experience,
we will be shutting some of the WebMD boards, including
the "Diabetes: Ask the Dietitian Recipe Board, with
Noelle Jones" board.

~ L I V E   E V E N T S ~

Support, Coping, and the Power of the Mind
What effect does supportive group therapy have on
healing? Join David Spiegel, MD, a leader in the
field of psychosomatic research, treatment, and
development, to discuss the power of the mind.
Friday, 3 p.m. EST

Be well,

Diabetes Newsletter editor
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