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[IP] Pregnancy

I have posted before that my husband and I are really trying to get 
pregnant. I have passed the big hurdles in having kidneys 
checked...doc says that are as normal as a non-diabetic, last 
Ha1c was 4.7, started taking prenatal vitamins etc...

Well we thought last week that we were successful, many signs of 
pregnancy and morning sickness. But I was getting so sick that by 
Saturday I was dehydrated and in the ER. I was spotting when I 
was admitted. Several hours later I was bleeding heavily and found 
out rabbit test came up positive. I was three weeks, so just barely 
pregnant. What was concerning doctor was that I was no keeping 
fluids down and even though the pump was disconnected for about 
20 hours and I had dextrose dripping we couldn't keep blood sugars 
up over 50. 

We check to make sure pump wasn't malfunctioning but I had even 
pulled out site and 36 hours later blood sugars were still not 
staying at 65. Bleeding was extremely heavy and then stopped. 
Two days later rabbit test was negative. So we are calling it a 

Has anyone else gone through this? This is the second time in two 
months that this has happened. Doctor said no trying for this 
month and we are now in the process of getting referral and 
authorization for an inferitity doctor, based on the fact that I can't 
seem to hold on to a pregnancy. I was hoping that for once the 
body would just behave and be normal at one thing.

I know there are lots of options that the doctors can use and there 
is technology to help us out. I would love to hear for others that 
have had to deal with this...please feel free to email me privately. 
Has anyone else had there blood sugars dive at the beginning of a 

Doc knows I am staying in good spirits about this. We now have on 
going joke while in the hospital was that I was cured of the 
diabetes when I was totally off the pump with no insulin for about 
48 hours and blood sugars were still not going over 100. I wish. 
Once bleeding stopped the blood sugars shot up and I was back 
on the pump. I sure want to try to avoid this happening again.


Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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