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[IP] Sherry

Strikes me that this doc has exactly NO idea of the emotional investment
EVERY woman has in her pregnancy. To him, you and the baby are just
bundles of cells and no more. 

One of the things I remember from my pregnancy was that the hormones
affected me greatly, and all I could think about was the baby. I didn't
want to hear that anything might go wrong -- it was just TOO scary. Even
when I landed in the hospital with toxemia, I never worried that I might
lose the baby (although that was a distinct possibility), and no one
ever hassled me about ANYTHING. The medical staff were ALWAYS kind and
caring, and got me through 2 medical problems and the baby (now 27 and
living in Seattle!!)(and who thought the quake was FUN!) through one.   

What you really need to hear is the absolute truth:  the overwhelming
chances say that, having made it this far, both you and the baby will be
perfectly healthy and everything will be manageable, as long as you keep
your BGs in a REASONABLE place -- lots of diabetic women have had
healthy babies, and most of them HAVEN'T been if perfect control every
second of every day.  

Everyone knows that things CAN go wrong -- but most of the time, they go
wrong so early that you never knew you were pregnant, (or just barely
knew). So you're in a place where you should be ENJOYING your
pregnancy!!!! If something happens, it happens, but why worry

And if you need to work like the dickens to control your diabetes
YOURSELF, maybe that's the trade-off you need to make -- because THIS
guy isn't helping you do it, is he????

You hang in there -- this WILL be over soon, and I'm betting on a
wonderful, beautiful baby!!!!
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