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[IP] Shingles

A note to add to the shingles saga that seems to be raging on the list
Sara, 14 now, developed a strange rash along the rib line on her right side
at the age of 10. My husband and I, a doctor and nurse respectively, thought
it was shingles. I took Sara to our family MD. He insisted it was an "ivy"
rash of some sort. I had commented that it looked like a classic case of
shingles. His response was "in a 10 year old, no." After several days of
extreme discomfort that no medications helped my husband wrote a
prescription for a shingle medication and we went to a dermatologist.
Diagnosis, shingles in a 10 year old. He was not surprised because the
shingle virus is a dormant virus which has as one of the triggers, tah dah,
stress. Diabetics do occasionally experience stress....as in everyday!
Shingles and diabetes are a combination he had seen several times, and in
diabetic children as often as adults.
So, parents be aware of this and be a stronger advocate for your child than
I was at first.
Pam, mom to Sara
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