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Re: [IP] Melissa's room mate problem

On 2 Mar 2001, at 14:32, email @ redacted wrote:

>. Night time hypoglycemia is 
> scary, but it isn't any easier having people there if it makes them nervous. 
> It doesn't sound like that particular roomate was likely to be much help 
> anyway.  

Living with a husband, sleeping in the same bed, doesn't always 
help anyway.  My husband can sleep through anything!  I'm pretty 
much on my own at night.  And even during the day too.  He 
usually doesn't notice my hypos until after I've already figured it 
out.  And we're together about 22 hrs a day!  (home business)

Although I suppose he'd notice if it was a really really serious hypo. 

I try not to depend on anyone else for this stuff.  It's been hard 
enough on my husband and family (parents, brother & sister-in-law) 
having to deal with my meal requirements and watching me go 
through a couple of mild hypos.

> Now my husband travels a lot and I believe my dog recognizes hypoglycemia.  
> But I don't count on his help.

They can be specifically trained for it, ya know.  If they've already 
shown an awareness of it.  I saw something about it on the Animal 
Planet.  But I believe it means turning them into an "assistance 
dog", not just a family pet.
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