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[IP] Care Standards

Here are some proposals:

1- Every diabetic should be encouraged to test their own blood sugar at
6 times a day (first thing in the morning and before and after each

PLUS, within 1/2 hour prior to driving a vehicle or operating heavy 
equipment, followed by every hour thereafter. Ditto for major 
physical activity including most sports.

Test at least every 30 minutes while recovering from a low and every 
hour while recovering from a high.

2-  Every insulin dependent diabetic should be taught to match insulin
carbohydrate consumption.

3-  Every diabetic should be monitored regularly for complications as 
appropriate to their age and disease duration. Including visits with
other specialist as 
appropriate (foot doctor, eye doctor etc.)

4-  Every diabetic should have an endocrinologist as their primary care 

5-  Insurance companies should pay for these things, Medicare and
should pay for these things, and every citizen should have health

6-  Every insulin dependent diabetic should have their HgA1c tested
every 6 months

7-  Every insulin dependent diabetic should have a refresher course of
diabetic education every
    5 years.

8-  Every insulin dependent diabetic should have complete blood and
urine testing at least once
    a year, including liver functions, triglicerides, HDL, LDL, Renal

9-  Every Type II diabetic should be tested for the GAD antibodies for
the posibility of the start
    of ADULT onset of Type I diabetes vs type II.
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