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[IP] Re: My horrible doctor's appt.

Hi Sherry- by all means don't let this go--I had a horrible experience a few years back where I had a doc that would berate me every time I came in for a visit-never tried to coordinate a solution for any number of problems I had in the beginning years of D....My sugars would be dead on great for weeks and I'd have one or two real highs(350 or so)-stress or rebound related and I'd get lectured, yelled at, and rediculed for an hour minimum. He also pulled me off morphine after debilitating emergency spine surgery-cold turkey.  Finally another doctor stepped in and weaned me off after 24hrs of extreme withdrawl.  
Anyways, my mom and I wrote letters to various Medical Review Boards, he's still in practice, I've moved on to a wonderful doctor, and I don't spent hours sobbing after a visit. But I feel better knowing I went to a higher up-so he's still practicing, but I was heard and hopefully future patients heed my warnings.
I've been following your progress with your pregnancy and am amazed by the crap you are putting up with, and wowed by your sense of humor and perserverence.
Best of luck with finding other care.  
Don't stay quiet about this-I avoid confrontation like the plague-but when a loved one gets mistreated I can't stand it and that's when I stand up...
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