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Re: [IP] care standards

Here are some proposals:

1- Every diabetic should be encouraged to test their own blood sugar at least 
6 times a day (first thing in the morning and before and after each meal).

PLUS, within 1/2 hour prior to driving a vehicle or operating heavy 
equipment, followed by every hour thereafter. Ditto for major 
physical activity including most sports.

Test at least every 30 minutes while recovering from a low and every 
hour while recovering from a high.

2-  Every insulin dependent diabetic should be taught to match insulin to 
carbohydrate consumption.

3-  Every diabetic should be monitored regularly for complications as 
appropriate to their age and disease duration.

4-  Every diabetic should have an endocrinologist as their primary care 

5-  Insurance companies should pay for these things, Medicare and Medicaid 
should pay for these things, and every citizen should have health coverage.

I''m just getting started here.  Anybody else have anything to suggest?
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