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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #926

No comment re: Hashimoto's disease.

But mumps has been implicated in DM only by clinical presentation and not
from any laboratory studies.  In fact, lab studies have consistently failed
to demonstrate any association between mumps and diabetes, even though mumps
can manifest as pancreatitis.  Subsequent clinical studies have also failed
to support the hypothetical association between mumps and DM.

Jim Handsfield

Like I said in my post, Jim, I took the epidemiology class more than 10
years ago (when I was still a lady of leisure), and never said there was
clinical proof of mumps being the causative agent for my disease.  I
mentioned the Hashimoto's because it's an autoimmune disease just like T1;
it sure seems to me that we diabetics have more than our share of autoimmune
diseases in addition to DM.  We may never know the exact cause or agent of
this disease, but I think there are a lot of folks who, in their personal
medical history, see some kind of link to a serious viral infection, whether
its mumps, chicken pox, or measles.  (Of course, not all of us are old
enough to have experienced those dreaded infections!  LOL) I personally
think there are a variety of reasons we are immunologically compromised
(genes, serious viral infection, etc.).  In my case, I believe there was a
viral foundational cause, with the "trigger" of pubescent hormones. Maybe
it's just the way I want to view it, but does it really matter more than 30
years later?  I'm more concerned with preserving my health NOW, rather than
worrying about why or how I came down with the "diabeasties".

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/82
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