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[IP] bad doctors


What is this doctor's name and where does he work? 
Perhaps if we all write letters to his clinic to let
the president or director of the clinic know just what
kind of callous, cold hearted remarks he has been
making to someone in such a fragile state as yours
then they might really put something in his file so
that he will know what "guilty" truly feels like.  For
the record, I don't think you have anything at all to
feel guilty about, you did nothing wrong and don't let
any sadistic bully make you believe otherwise.

If he were truly concerned about your pregnancy, he
would indeed be offering support and encouragement and
guiding you to better control instead of scaring you. 
If that's all he knows how to do, he's worse than
worthless.  Can you tell I'm angry?!

Let me tell you a true story.  My mother has Type II
diabetes.  She was seeing a doctor for a couple of
years and her A1C's were in the 11% range.  This
doctor simply yelled at her and told her that if she
didn't lose weight, she would have to go on insulin. 
In other words, he tried to scare her into losing
weight.  When I found out about her A1C's I told her
to see a diffent doctor.  She did and voila, he A1Cs
are now in the 6's and she lost 25 pounds.  He NEVER
lectured or threatened her.  What he did was try
different meds until he found the combination that
worked for her.  Everyone is different and what works
for one person may not work for someone else.  You
need a really caring and knowledgable doctor to fine
tune your management protocols.  Furthermore, I don't
believe that complications and miscarriages are the
diabetic's fault, it's the disease!  Your doctor seems
incapable of getting this simple fact into his head. 
Scaring you and threatening you are sorry tactics and
only reveal the fact that this doctor doesn't know
what to do to help someone in your condition except to
scare them.  Find someone else!

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