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[IP] Research Suggest Pure Oxygen Helps to Heal Damaged Retinas

It has been long practiced in other wound healing fields.  Hypobaric
medicine that is.  Wounds heal much faster if one spends a couple of hours
in high pressure (2 ATM) of pure oxygen.

This sounds like it is not hypobaric though.

When it was first discovered people touted it as the cure for everything
and even built whole hospitals that could be pressurized.  There were a few
accidents and a few frauds so the AMA threw it out altogether.  That was
too bad.  It has taken decades for it to be more accepted in the mainstream
medical community.

Gangrenous wounds respond to it.  The oxygen diffuses into the tissue
without needing blood supply to get it there.  This can kill the anaerobic
bacteria, I guess.

Anyway, it can save limbs from amputation.  If you have wounds that will
not heal, ask your doctor why this would not work.

There is a facility at Travis Air Force base in Ca.   There are many other
hospitals that have small ones.  I know that Brookside hospital, Richmond,
Ca. has one.  (I was born there)

Curtis Lomax
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