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Re: [IP] CHICKEN POX...How about Mumps!

Roxanne said:
I have never heard of the association between chicken pox and IDDM.  But
there is a proven association between mumps and diabetes.  From some reason
the mumps virus likes to hid in the islet cells of the pancreas...the immune
system then attacks the islet cells trying to kill the mumps virus, but in
the process of curing us, can make us sick for life!  This is what my
original endo told me about 10-12 years ago.

I was in 6th grade when I was diagnosed...I was dx'd on November 18, 1982,
(but whose keeping track?) and in the spring of 1982, mumps went around
school (I was in 5th grade then.)  I never got mumps, but boy do I have
diabetes.  I would have rather have had mumps!  I bet a lot of us would

I have never had the chicken pox, not even when my daughter got it 10 years
ago.  I had measles and rubella in elementary school, and a wicked case of
mumps when I was 4.5; I was diagnosed with DM within a month of my 11th
birthday.  I took an epidemiology class about 10 years ago and did a special
project on the "Epidemiology of T1 DM".  In the course of my research, it
was alluded that serious viral infection up to 7 years prior to diagnosis of
DM was very common; most common viral infections were mumps and rubella. 
Take it or leave it, but I'm convinced that the bad case of mumps was
responsible for reduced immunity leading to both T1 diabetes and Hashimoto's

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/82
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