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Re: [IP] Pumping Regular (my last hope) - Pros and Cons

John said:
X	> ... due to tissue allergic reactions to Humalog and NovoRapid
> > I can pump only Regular insulin ... using 2 delivery systems
> > if Humalog is delivered by pen ...
> Why is Humalog OK when delivered by pen but results in a allergic
> reaction if delivered by pump?

Michael said:
Because it is continuous and in the same spot. Other than that, know one

Sylvia said:
Also, I was under the impression that Velosulin is a rapid acting
buffered insulin that would act similar to

momofmany said:
I'm surprised no one has addressed this yet.
Velosulin (actually it is Velosulin BR) is just plain Regular
insulin but with a buffering agent added to it to prevent
clogging (helpful for the older pump tubing, not really necessary
with the polyolefin tubing we have now.) Its onset of action,
peak time, and duration is identical to Regular, which is a
short-acting insulin. Humalog is an insulin analog and is not the
same thing as Regular OR Velosulin. It is rapid-acting and so
far, the only rapid-acting on the market (to my knowledge.)
I'm sure if I'm wrong about any of this, someone will correct me.  :)
I saw my endo this week and he tells me that insulin is somewhat acidic (pH
of 6.7 or 6.8; neutral is 7.0) and therefore the continuous infusion can
cause irritation and inflammation at the skin site, ultimately leading to
poor absorbtion.  Some people are probably more sensitive than others (I
have, on occasion, been able to go up to 6 days with the same site - not SOP
however!).  So, while the buffered insulin may originally have been
developed to prevent occlusion in the infusion tubing, it seems that for
many the buffering serves a dual purpose, i.e., to reduce the possibility of
site inflammation.  This, at least to my logical/quasi-scientific mind, is
why so many are successful when they mix Humalog with Velosulin.  Any

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/82
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