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Re: [IP] Freestyle /bruising and Pumping

hi Moira:
    Melissa also had problems with bruising, so the Freestyle is now 
gathering dust along with all the other "been there/tried that" meters! I've 
suggested she try it again since someone advised that she may have been 
pressing unnecessarily hard on her arm.....so that's something you may want 
to experiment on for Lauren.
   Glad to hear the learning curve for Pumping 101 is slowing down a little. 
It's never over, but I find that each time we encounter problems, getting 
back on track is even "sweeter" (bad pun" than before. Melissa had "chocolate 
day" in botany class Tuesday (celebrating the glories of the cacoa bean) & 
she didn't think she had "that much", but boy did she ever suffer for it. For 
the next 48 hours, she boomeranged between bgs in the mid-300s which she 
hadn't had in ages & then crashing low into the 50s. Yesterday she awakened 
with a bg of 124, and did so again this morning...and what a difference in 
her demeanor. I told her last night that the 180 degree turn not only in her 
behavior, but also the look in her eyes made me sad to think of all those 
with diabetes walking around with bgs in the high 200s-300s constantly, 
thinking that's how everyone is supposed to feel. 
Regards, Renee (pump mom to 18 yr old Melissa)
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