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Re: [IP] Pity

I've been followint his thread with interest and am now ready to put my
2c in!!!!  :)

I really liked the response from the person (I forget who, but you ARE
wise), who reminded us that each person has their own temperament, and
reacts differently -- that's just the way they are. We all want to be
able to express our feelings without fear. Judge not lest you be
judged??  (Now I think it was Jan Hughey who said it)(Correct me if I'm

By extension, everyone in the world deserves that, so when you hear some
of those supposedly MEAN comments, we need to give others the same
benefit that we want for ourselves -- they almost certainly meant no
harm by it, and they are just saying what THEY feel -- if you want
others to respect YOUR feelings you have to respect theirs, too. 

Second, yes, there are times when diabetes gets frustrating and
depressing, and hard to bear for even ONE more minute -- and an
occasional vent does indeed feel good. 

But we should never lose sight of the positive AND always have empathy
for others who have it worse than we do. For there is ALWAYS someone who
has it worse. 

I once got my head chewed off because I dared relay to a person
considering a kidney transplant (and scared of it) the feelings of a
16-year-old boy who'd HAD one and was joyous and optimistic and planning
on a full life. 

I still don't see that I did anything wrong. Hope is what keeps us
alive, and optimism is what keeps us strong.  All I did was share MY
feelings and the feelings of this wonderful (typically teenage) boy. I
thought I was being encouraging. 

But what this person REALLY wanted WAS a pity party -- and got angry at
me for not giving it to her. And ironically, NOW a couple of years AFTER
her transplant, she's about in the same place as the young boy -- but
has not apologized to me for her nastiness. (I don't expect an apology,
but I will never ever talk to her honestly or sincerely again). 

I guess what I'm getting at is that we really DO make the choice about
how we react to the world. We cannot, nor do we even have the right to
try to change other people; we can only change ourselves, and we can
lead our lives as we CHOOSE to -- I choose not to indulge in pity
parties, but you have every right to do so if you so choose, as long as
you apply the same standard to me as to you and don't get in my face
when *I'M* being sincere about MY thoughts and feelings!

Sorry for the rant! 

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