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[IP] Freestyle and bruising


Has anyone else had trouble with the Freestyle meter bruising the arms?
lauren started using it about three weeks ago and was loving it, but now has
ugly bruises up and down her arms. She uses her legs too and does not bruise
there, but is now wavering back to the Dex, which seems so primitive now
that we've used the tiny tiny bit of blood needed for the Freestyle!! Just
wondering if it's just her . . . .

On the pump front, now five weeks into it things are going remarkably well.
Still not easy (but when IS diabetes easy) but we are sold on the pump life.
Still struggling with school, but working hard at making it better there. So
glad we chose pumps. Her CDE said to fully expect her next a1c to be at
least a full point lower,and her last one was 7.0 so that should be good

Mom of Lauren, 9, now a successful pumper
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