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[IP] Word getting out...

Yesterday our local newspaper "Huntsville Times" had a top front page news
article about how doctors are not keeping up with most effective way to
treat people....how lacking in education both patients and doctors are and
how absolutely horrible our insurance systems is.......they even mentioned
diabetes as one of the diseases where optimum treatment is not being

This was from a national medical press release from a "just completed
study"...I feel like they have been reading all our digests!   Did anyone
else's hometown paper have this?   I was so excited to read it, thinking,
hopefully, that more diabetics of all types might have an opportunity for a
better life if their doc (present company excepted, of course) gets

Vent time......
Wednesday I took my daughter to a specialist at University of Alabama in
Birmingham, Kirklin Clinic, and for the first time in my life I ended up
yelling at a doctor and my daughter and I walked out on him...He was
incredibly stupid, arrogant and non-compassionate (word?).   Then later I
remembered he was a surgeon and rumor has it that they aren't like real
people, they think they are omnipotent.   I am still in shock over this guys
attitude and lack of interest in the health of this patient and his
behavior.  But I guess after 50 plus years of seeing various docs, there had
to be one....so we are headed to Mayo's next.   Just venting....most docs in
my life have been great! 

Thank you for this wonderful list which enhances my life so dearly.   

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

PS Michael, I sent MM a TY note for their contribution...!

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