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Re: the flu making the symptoms of D show up...that's what I
meant by the flu being her trigger. 
I think we both said the same thing, in different ways. :)

Brian said:
What probably was the case was that she was already well on her
way to 
being diabetic like you mentioned but the Flu just made the
symptoms show 
up.  From the Diabetes specialists I know say that in most  (just
I say most, I never say never, all or always  he he) cases it
usually takes 
several years for the immune system to lower your Beta cell count
to a 
"diabetes" level which
I believe is around 10% of normal.

I said:
>My daughter had the flu several days prior to being dx'd at the
>age of 6. I believe that was her trigger but I think the road had
>been set a long time before that and she had a slow loss of beta
>cell function over that time .

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