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Re: [IP] No complications?

In a message dated 3/1/01 4:43:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I think we're the guinea pigs on that, with all our newer treatments.
 When my dad was diagnosed 40 years ago, the treatment was 1 shot of NPH a
 day and urine testing. He did what he was supposed to do and has always
 followed the treatment as it progressed, still the diabetes has eaten at
 him and he has many complications. He is happily pumping since October and
 feeling better than he has in years.
 I have been on insulin for 27 years. I, too, started on 1 shot of NPH a day
 and urine testing. Nine years later, I began 2 shots a day and sometime in
 there began mixing reg & nph and then I got my first blood kit and multiple
 injections and humalog!  I am by no means a more "compliant" diabetic than
 my dad. I've only been pumping since June. But I think the shorter time I
 followed the "old" treatment methods is the reason I have very few
 complications today.
 Laser surgery was just beginning when he needed them, he (and others here)
 paved the way for us. There weren't treatments for kidneys, there are now.
 I am so grateful to the diabetics who have come before me who have tried
 and tested and been brave and never said die...and taught us about
 complications. We are so lucky to have diabetes now and not then!
 Now it's our turn to blaze the trail! Let's be the diabetic generation to
 have tight control, "be loud and proud and pump bumpy!" (Sara SP)  Let's
 find out if we can successfully live with diabetes and die without
 complications and be as valuable teachers to the next diabetic generation
 as we had to get us to where we are. I hope we can be as classy as my dad's
 generation. Lynn >>
    Lynn I take your e-mail as a thank you. I like your Dad dxed  53 years 
ago owe the same to people like John Grant who lived 30 miles from me in 
Mass. He was dxed 2 years before insulin was discovered in 1921. It is true I 
was on insulin before NPH was  around. I take zestril and my micro albumin is 
46 not too far from normal I still drive with a cat on one eye (not ready for 
removal). I was in a laser study in 1972 and have one bad eye from the laser. 
I still skate 6 days a week. John Grant passed away in 97 and was in his 76th 
year with D. I have only 23 1/2 years to get to the 76. With the help of this 
list and the pump I have a shot at getting there. Roger C (dx 12/1/47 pm 
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