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>Not quite.  While they are caused by the same virus, chicken pox is an acute
>but diffuse illness.  Shingles is a chronic infection in nerve cells (ganglia,
>IIRC)  and is usually localized.

I do believe we are both right.  But:

1. you can not get shingles without first having Chickenpox.  It may not be 
full blown CP.

2.  Shingles is not a true infection of the Ganglia it is just where the 
Herpes zoster virus lays dormant.

3.  Shingles is not a chronic but in fact acute infection.
                 "Herpes zoster (shingles) is an acute localized 
inflammatory disease of a dermatomal segment of the skin.  It is caused by 
the          same herpesvirus that causes chickenpox, varicella-zoster.  It 
is believed to be the result of reactivation of a latent 
varicella-              zoster virus that has been present in the sensory 
dorsal ganglia since childhood infection. During an attack of shingles, 
the           reactovated virus travels from the ganglia to the skin of the 
corresponding dermatome."

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