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email @ redacted wrote:
> And I had chicken pox when I was 7 and DX'd when I was 36. :-)

Aha!!!!  I knew there had to be a reason!!!!  I had chicken pox at age 2
and was diagnosed at age 44. There just HAS to be a connection!!!!  :)
(Unless it was the mumps I never got!)

Seriously, though,  it's really hard to know exactly what causes Type 1,
because the actually trigger may go by unnoticed, while something ELSE
causes the final fall over the cliff into symptomatic diabetes. 

Just having had an illness shortly before diagnosis doesn't mean the two
are connected -- just because B comes after A doesn't mean B was CAUSED
by A. (Post hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy).  

There is also a possibility that there are multiple triggers for Type 1
-- i.e. it's not caused by the same thing in everyone. 

Lots of research yet to be done!
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