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[IP] Re: Pity

BW wrote:
>>>> Still, I find that for me self-pity is a quagmire I prefer not to be
mired in now or ever. That energy, at least for me, can be put to better use.
If anyone thinks otherwise, I defend their right to do so. BW >>>

If you watch a litter of puppies, you can tell they all have different
temperaments as humans do. This does not change, just as the natural color of
eyes cannot change. We can be influenced but we still have a basic temperament
we are born with. Some people excuse their or others' behavior with *oh,
that's just the way they are.*  Therefore, some people are going to be
hit/react/act differently than others with the same situtation. Some have a
delightful sense of humor - some are stick in the muds. Some conduct an
ordered life, some think life is supposed to be a party and they are the guest
of honor. Some cannot get a move on, some hurry, hurry, hurry. Just because we
react in a way *best* for ourselves, let's not judge how others react. YMMV

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