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Re: [IP] No complications?

Munzil A. Qureshi wrote:
> I have a question though: Is it possible to live with
> Type 1 for one's entire life (till they pass away) without any
> complications if one takes care of themselves (ie: manage sugars,
> exercise, low-fat intake etc) or will everyone eventually have
> complications no matter what?

No guarantees, one way or the other. 

For two reasons:

First, there is no way that a Type 1 can maintain truly normal BGs at
all times with current technology -- except possibly Dr. Bernstein, but
he counts his peanuts!!!!!  As long as BGs are not CONSISTENTLY normal,
there is a potential for complications.

Which brings me to the second reason:  some people are more prone to
complications than others for genetic reasons, but not much is known
about which genes predispose to what. So you cannot predict whether your
efforts will pay off or not.

So you just have to do your best and then accept what comes --
technology IS improving, and our chances are probably better than those
of someone diagnosed 70 years ago, but this disease isn't conquered,
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