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Re: [IP] No complications?

Munzil A. Qureshi wrote:

I have a question though: Is it possible to live with
Type 1 for one's entire life (till they pass away) without any
complications if one takes care of themselves (ie: manage sugars,
exercise, low-fat intake etc) or will everyone eventually have
complications no matter what?

I think that this is a YMMV thing, I've had diabetes for 37 years since I
was 11, and other than minor problems (rotator cuff syndrome) I've had no
real complication so far.  I lived through diabetes care before there were
glucose meters or even A1c's to gauge your level of care.  In those days,
you went to the dr every 3 months, he did a blood sugar test 2 hours after
breakfast and declared whether you were doing well or not.  I've been on my
pump for 9 months and love it and would never go back to shots.  I think
that if you take the best care you can, you will limit your risks of

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