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[IP] Re: (IP) Diabetes from chicken pox

<<<snip>>>I am glad to know that I was not totally off on my thinking that the chicken
pox was the culprit. <<<snip>>>

I am one of those too--I'm also one of those who was diagnosed in the early 80s (1982 or 1983).  I remember my pediatrician (who diagnosed me and put me in the hospital) standing at my bed with an endocrinologist, and my pediatrician was trying to explain to my parents how I could have been diagnosed with this disease when no one else in my family back to my great-grandparents had ever had it.  He said that he'd heard of diabetes having a relationship with chicken pox, and the endocrinologist literally laughed at him.  I hope he's feeling pretty stupid now!

Kristin (& Gossamer, my pump)
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