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There are a number parents on the CWD list who have mentioned
that their child had CP at some point in the months prior to
being dx'd with T1. In one of my books it says there is an
increased incidence of T1 following epidemics of CP, mumps, flu,
coxsackie, and some other viruses and illnesses. What happens (in
a nutshell) is that in some cases, the virus attacks and inflames
the pancreas, destroying beta cells in the process. Certainly
this doesn't happen with everyone who gets CP but it appears to
happen in many. This is just one of many different possible

My daughter had the flu several days prior to being dx'd at the
age of 6. I believe that was her trigger but I think the road had
been set a long time before that and she had a slow loss of beta
cell function over that time - this is what the endo thinks as
well (systemic infection at birth requiring 2 potent IV
antibiotics - the antibiotics and the infection probably did not
help her immune system - they actually told me she could have
problems later in life from them but couldn't predict what,
severe chicken pox at age 4mos, shingles at the age of 2, and so
on. The flu was the straw that broke the camel's back, the
trigger...whatever you want to call it.) Not everyone gets T1
after having the flu, just like with CP, but some do. 

Sylvia said:
I'm sorry if I disagree about this line but I have a hard time
thinking the 
diabetes is related to chicken pox.  Most people, usually as
kids, gets C.P. 
and not everyone gets dxd with IDDM.  Here again I think it is
just something 
in a person's genetic makeup or whatever that predisposes them to
certain illness, not just DM.  My son Josh had C.P. REALLY bad at
the age of 
2.5 and was not dxd with DM until THREE years later.  I was 11
when I got 
C.P. and I do not have DM nor do I have any blood markers that
would indicate 
my ever getting DM (I was just part of a study at UW)  So though
the illness 
itself (C.P.) may have brought on your dxd of DM the chicken pox
did not have 
anything to do with you getting DM.  My son came down with a good
case of the 
flu while in the hosptal after dxd.  That was his 'trigger'  The
DM was 
already there but waiting for the trigger that would cause it  to

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) & the
little guy due 3/10/01
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