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Re: [IP] No complications?

Complications don't happen to everyone.  My grandmother's sister, who is now 
in her mid 90's, was diagnosed with type 1 in her early 20's. She has NEVER 
had any complications from her diabetes and in fact as of now, no longer 
takes any injections. (Why, I'm not sure but her sugars are just fine) I just 
thought I'd share that with you. Now, part of why I believe she's never had a 
problem is that her life has ALWAYS been very structured. She is a Catholic 
nun and everything in her life is a specific way... when she wakes up, when 
she eats, etc. She's never really done any type of exercise except occational 
walks. But like I said, she's very healthy with no complications from 
diabetes. Is it luck or the way you do things? Who knows... 
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