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Re: [IP] No complications?

It depends on how long your life is.  I'm a 44 year old, diabetic for 38 
years, and I'm still doing pretty well.  Your letter reminds me of myself in 
my twenties, praying I could beat the odds indefinitely. You have so many 
tools to help keep you in control that your chances are much better.  It 
sounds like you're doing extremely well so far.

Diabetes is a progressive disease with an extremely variable rate of 
progression.  Many factors influence that rate; control is only one.  It 
makes sense to acheive excellent control where possible, but it's not a 
guarantee.  It's just the best chance.  Different people are vulnerable to 
different complications.  If you live long enough, you'll probably encounter 
some of them.   On the other hand, maybe we'll lick most of them (or even 
find a cure) before you get there.  

Keep up the good work,

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