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[IP] Introduction of sort-of new member. SORRY VERY LONG.

Hi everyone!

I first want to say a big Thank You to everyone on the IP list. You have
made the past few months much more bearable than I thought possible. I was
dx at the age of sixteen on 1-9-91. I had the chicken pox 6 months before
and although no-one has confirmed it for me I know that the chicken pox lead
to the DM. I went for a long time not following the rules, but somehow
managed to avoid any complications so far. My A1C's stayed in range the
whole time as well I think. In the past 3 years I have taken control back
and I will never give it up again. My endo and his staff are great and very
helpful. When I started seeing him in 98 my A1c's was 8 and the was the
first one I had done in about 6 months or longer. No insurance bites! Since
then it has been no higher that 7.4.  I started on the pump because of DP
and very frequent lows. I am LOVING life now! 

I feel like I know so many of you on this list and all of you are
inspirations to me. When I was dx I thought I would not live very long. I
didn't know how long, but I knew it wasn't long enough. That and the teenage
rebellion hormones lead me to not controlling my DM. I have learned since
then and I know that DM does not control me I CONTROL it! Thank Goodness! 

I wish that all of us never had to deal with negative comments or
no-it-know-all nonDMer's. That is a wish that I am afraid will never come
true. So I cherish the positive feed-back I get and I want to share my most
precious. I was at home back in Decatur, IL where my family lives. It was my
father's 70th b-day at my Aunt's house. She is a retired RN and a very
loving person. When she saw my pump she started crying (tears of joy). She
proceeded to tell me that her family (children and husband) all know that if
anything every happened to her she wants me to have her pancreas. Talk about
someone knocking me off my feat!!! It couldn't believe what I was hearing.
She said she knew how hard DM was for me and wished that I no longer had to
deal with it. It wasn't one of those "I know exactly what you are going
through", but just the opposite. She was told by my mother about my lows and
how scared they made my mom. She didn't want that for me and she wanted me
to be able to live a long life without the daily battles of DM. I have never
been so touched by one person in my life. She has always been like a second
mother to me and now since my mom is passed away she is my surrogate mom. I
truly do have a guardian angel and I cherish her every day!!!
I wish that each of you could have someone like my aunt, so that all of the
other bad things we hear would be easier. That is why I shared this story
with you, so you know that not everyone is full of negative things. We just
have to learn to ignore all of the fools who think they know everything
about DM. I know easier said than done right!

I will finish now by saying hello to all pumpers in the Kansas City area.
And blessings to everyone on this list. Now that I have shared something
about me maybe I won't be so shy about posting in the future.  8O)

Jennifer Meyer and Cookie Monster (blue MM508). 
email @ redacted
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